Here are some questions that we're usually asked. If you don't see the info that you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us!

Q: Where do you get your products?
A: All of our products are handmade from scratch by Sarah & Myles using recipes developed exclusively by us. Our essential oils and raw ingredients are NOT commercially available pre-mixed blends.

Q: So, where are you? 
A: We happily call Paris, Ontario - Prettiest Town in Canada our home. 

Q: Why don't you list all of the essential oils in your product on the label?
A: Our essential oil blends are proprietary and come from many many many (did I mention many?) hours of research, trial and error. We like to call them our secret recipes at this point and we keep them in the family!

Q: Are your products regulated by the Gov't at all?
A: In a manner of speaking, yes! All of our products are registered with Health Canada and have passed their regulations regarding ingredients.

Q: Do you have a retail location?
A: You bet! You can find us at The Paris Wincey Mill Co. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Plus of course our website which is always open and we happily offer free delivery in Brant County.

Q: How do you test your products?

On ourselves! The dashing gentleman on the homepage is Myles, co-owner of The Paris Apothecary. No beard/mustache products make it to our shelves until he's tried them out and gives them his stamp of approval! Same goes with Sarah and all of the bath/body products. She's had a lot of baths at this point! 

Q: Where do you ship to?
Shipping is currently available to Canada and the United States. Overseas shipping soon to follow! Please be advised that depending on where we are shipping to will determine the duration and cost to ship.

Q: What currency is your store in?
All prices are displayed in Canadian Dollars (CDN)

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