Handled Mustache Wax - .5oz

Handled Mustache Wax - .5oz

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The Handlebar, Imperial, Gomez Adams, Captain Hook, Rollie Fingers, Reginald, Albert, Fu Manchu, Horseshoe, Lampshade, Painter's Brush, Pyramid, Toothbrush. . .we could go on all day here! 

These are the mustaches we've come to know and love! And why not!? Mustaches are fun! So take care of yours and style it however you'd like with our unique blend of wax, gum arabic and shea butter. Not only will this give you an all day hold, it will also condition and train your mustache to stay exactly how you want it. 

To Use:

Scrape a small amount with the back of your fingernail, rub between fingers until pliable and apply to your mustache. Comb to evenly distribute and style as desired.


Once you've got your 'stache in place try to avoid touching it throughout the day. The more you touch, the more you disturb the hold! 

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