Muscle Rub Salve - 2oz

Muscle Rub Salve - 2oz

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Muscles get sore, tired and strained. You COULD go out and buy some smelly chemicals to rub on them and hope for eventual relief or you could turn to a natural solution in the form of a Paris Apothecary salve. 

Our Muscle Rub Salve contains ingredients which specifically promote healthy blood flow and pain relief. Our main ingredient which sits alongside a host of essential oils designed to ease pain and tension is ginger. Not just for upset stomachs, ginger has been proven in recent studies to be exceptionally effective as a pain reliever in sore, tired muscles as well as in those suffering from cramps.

How To Use:

Simply rub a small amount into the effected muscles as required. Give approximately 10-15 minutes for the active ingredients to permeate the skin and take effect. 

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