Rapscallion Beard Balm - 2oz

Rapscallion Beard Balm - 2oz

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Well who would have thought it - You're the lighthearted citrus type!

This balm is a great all-season wear with some whimsical blasts of citrus and mischievous spiced undertones (who let them in there?). This balm says you're the frisky type who wants to get a little bit closer to that special someone (and they'll thank you for it!).

The Paris Apothecary's Beard Balms

Our Balms are carefully handcrafted in Paris, On. Canada. Through hours and hours and hours (have we mentioned hours?) of research, trial and error; we have arrived at products which we ourselves are proud to use, sell and promote world-wide. 

Using nothing but ingredients found in nature; our Beard Balms contain a unique blend of Beeswax, Argon oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil and Avocado Oil (that's a lot of oil!) which will help tame and condition that fly-away facial fur and give you a clean, soft and well cared for Beard. The essential oils will promote healthier growth, lessen split ends and help prevent brittle, dry and unsightly facial hair and skin (not to mention, you'll smell great!).

Oil or Balm?

Great question! 

Beard Oil: Think of this as a conditioner. Argon & Jojoba are two of the best oils you can put on hair. Period. They closely represent what the body produces naturally (but in much lower quantity). While both are found in our Balms and Oils, they are in greater quantity in our oils. They promote greater and stronger hair growth by soaking right down to the root of the hair and dissolving sebum which can block new growth. Personally, I use 5-6 drops of oil as soon as I get out of the shower and comb through my beard (the shower will strip away your natural oils which leaves the hair brittle and dry). 

Beard Balm: Our beard balm contains many of the same properties as the oil but also contains beeswax and butters. This will help train your beard to lay flat and smooth while also conditioning and treating the skin underneath preventing dried out, flaky skin. The beeswax provides some light holding/styling power which will let you create the look you want while granting some level of protection against the elements. I apply a pea sized amount of beard balm before going out for the day.

While both contain similar properties, I personally recommend the use of both products as a full beard care regiment. 

To Use:

Apply a small amount to the palm of your hands and rub until melted. Work in to your beard, comb/brush and go about your day looking and smelling amazing!

We Suggest:

Using The Paris Apothecary's Sandalwood Beard Comb is highly recommended to help tame and train your man mane and perfectly distribute this product throughout your beard. 

*Balm and Oil Sold Separately 

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